Seasonal Forecasts

Jian-Hua Qian  

Jian-Hua (Joshua) Quan will discuss the status
of seasonal-to-interannual climate forecast
in global and regional scales, and the use of
climate forecast for societal applications.
Qian is a research scientist at the International
Research Institute for Climate and Society
(IRI) at Columbia University. His research
interests include regional seasonal climate
predictability, climate downscaling and forecast,
land-sea-atmosphere interaction, and climate
risk management. Qian received his PhD in
atmospheric science from the North Carolina
State University in 1996. He was a post-doctoral
fellow at the National Center for Atmospheric
Research and a research staff at the NASA
Goddard Space Flight Center before came to
IRI. At IRI he seeks to provide seasonal climate
forecast information in ways that will improve
society’s ability to respond pro-actively to
climate risks. He is interested in understanding
multi-scale climate processes in specific regions
and developing useful seasonal-to-interannual
predictions of applications-relevant quantities
with small spatial and temporal scales.


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