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Biobased Industry Outlook


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March 7...7 p.m.

Opening Reception featuring Research Posters from the
Biotechnology Byproducts Consortium (BBC) and
the Biorenewables Resources Consortium (BRC)


BBC Posters
*Denotes presenter

Iowa State University

Anaerobic Bioconversion Coupled with Thermal/Catalytic Process for Alcohol Production from Agri-wastes
Shih-wu Sung*, Dennis Bazylinski, Samir Khanal, T. Duangmanee, J. Lighthart, and C. Massie

Biological Sulfide Removal with Sulfur Reclamation
Shih-wu Sung*, Samir Khanal, S.-Y. Chen, W.-H. Chen, A. DiSpirito, and D. Bazylinski

Catalytic Conversion of High Free Fatty Acid Fats to Alkyl Esters
Isa Mbaraka* and Brent Shanks

Conversion of Cellulose to Glucose with Cellulases
Chandrika Mulakala, Robert S. Kuczenski, Anthony D. Hill, Ufuk Gündüz, and Peter J. Reilly*

Corn Stover Recovery for Chemicals and Fiber
Haiyu Ren*, Tom L. Richard, Kenneth J. Moore, Brent H. Shanks, Daniel G. Lahr, Maohong Fan, and Monlin Kuo

Establishing Value of Distillers Coproducts as Feeds for Cattle
Allen Trenkle* and Dan Loy

Fungal Protein and Byproducts from Corn Processing Wastewater
Hans van Leeuwen*, Timothy G. Ellis, Samir K. Khanal, E. Debik, N. Jasti, Q. Banihani, Q. Miao, Anthony L. Pometto, and Clark F. Ford

Mass Transfer Measurements for Syngas Fermentation
Ted Heindel*, Robert Brown, Mark Hargrove, Jerod Smeenk, and Alan DiSpirito

Performance Comparison of the UASB Reactor and SGBR
Eric A. Evans and Tim Ellis*

Production of Iso-Esters and Their Use in a Diesel Engine
Jon H. Van Gerpen and Mustafa E. Tat*

Reducing Costs of Byproduct Recovery at Dry-Mill Ethanol Plants
Yonghui Shi*, Shilpi Singh*, Maohong Fan, Glenn Norton, and Robert C. Brown

Treatment of Food Processing Wastewater Using Aerobic Yeast
Monchai Wongkarnka, Matt Kasper, Tim Ellis*, and Hans van Leeuwen

University of Iowa

Bioreactor for the Removal of Atrazine from Water: Critical Factors
Niki Biglione*, Tonya L. Peeples, and Victor G. J. Rodgers

De-icers and Micronutrient Preparation
Byung Y. Yang*

Enzymes from Plants and Microorganisms as Catalysts for Green Chemistry
James Gray* and Rex Montgomery

Microemulsion Epoxidation of Soybean Oil: Enhanced Epoxidation at a Lower Cost
Kaveri Jain*, Beth Ficek, Peter Rasmussen, Alec. B. Scranton, and David G. Rethwisch

New Products from Corn Gluten Meal and Steep Water
Charles D. Cox*

Pilot Scale Production of Coenzyme F420 from Anaerobic Digestor Sludge
Lacy Daniels*, Randy Simpson, and Seong-Ae Kang

Treatment of Landfill Leachate Using an Aerated Constructed Wetland in Jones County, Iowa
Brad Hoos, Jaime Nivala*, and Gene Parkin*

Treatment of Mixtures of Chlorinated Solvents Using Fe(0) Bioaugmented with Halorespirers
Jamey Steffen, Garrett Struckhoff*, and Gene Parkin*

Value-Added Biocatalytic Conversions of Abundant, Renewable Aromatic Chemicals from Crops
Janelle Torres y Torres, Aimin He, Tao Li, Ian Fotheringham, Lacy Daniels, and Jack Rosazza*




BRC Posters
*Denotes presenter


Separations of Fatty Acids in Vegetable Oils: Binding of Unsaturated Fatty Acid Methyl Esters to Palladium
Robert J. Angelici and Kesete Y. Ghebreyessus*

Separations of Fatty Acids in Vegetable Oils: Binding of Unsaturated Fatty Acid Methyl Esters in Ruthenium Complexes
Robert J. Angelici and Kevin McWilliams*

Fiber to Biobased Products via Syngas Fermentation
Ted Heindel*, Alan DiSpirito*, Robert Brown and Basil Nikolau

Fiber to Biobased Products via Syngas Fermentation
Earl Hammond, Basil J. Nikolau* and Eve Syrkin Wurtele

Processing Transgenic Maize to recover Valuable Therapeutic proteins and Industrial Enzymes
Charles Glatz and Zhengrong Gu*

Products of the Surface Oxidation of Methyl Linoleate
Aziz Tekin and Earl G. Hammond*

Processing Transgenic Corn by the Quick Germ Method
Larry Johnson* and Steve Fox

Use of Biomass Pyrolysis oils in Protein-based Phenolic Wood Adhesives
ML Kuo, DJ Myers, VSY Lin and Y Bian*

Formulating benign wood preservatives from chicken feathers
DJ Myers, ML Kuo, VSY Lin and Y Bian*

Olefins and New Bioplastics from Cometathesis of Soy/Corn Oils
D. Andjelkovic*, Z. Liu, Y. Zhang, G.L. Schrader, and R.C. Larock

Processing and properties of soy protein-based nanocomposites and composites
Perminus Mungara*

Glucose yields from enzyme hydrolysis of corn starch and flour
A.K. Uppalanchi*

Oxidative Cleavage of Fatty Acids using Solid Catalysts
Isa Mbaraka* and Brent Shanks*

Biomass Processing at The Iowa Energy Center’s Biomass Energy Conversion (BECON) Facility
Doug Stokke*

New Heterogeneous Catalysts for Making Biodiesel
John Verkade*

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