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Presentations from the 2004 Biobased Industry Outlook Conference

Promoting the growth of the bioindustry in Iowa
Georg Anderl, President of BIOWA Development Assn.

The STAC Program and opportunities for biorenewables in the Midwest
Floyd Barwig, Director, Iowa Energy Center

Syngas fermentation, Iowa State University and South Dakota State University
Kevin Kephart, South Dakota State University

West Central Cooperative and Iowa State University
Jeff Stroburg, West Central Cooperative

The University of Northern Iowa and Ag-Based Industrial Lubricants
Diane Neuzil, UNI-ABIL

Lou Honary, UNI-ABIL

Understanding issues and opportunities for each link of the value chain
Plant Science
Steve Howell, Director of Plant Sciences Institute, ISU

Ken Moore, Professor of Agronomy, ISU

Robert Brown, Director, CSET, ISU

Doug Stokke, Professor of Natural Resource Ecology and Management, ISU

Rob Anex, Professor of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, ISU

Federal Preferred Procurement Program for Biobased Products

Marvin Duncan, USDA

Steve Devlin, CIRAS - ISU Extension

Bruce Coney, Central Iowa Procurement Center

Ramani Narayan, Michigan State University


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