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Imagine the Possibilities

Plenary Session Presentations

Track 1: Net Greenhouse Gas Emission From Biofuel Systems

Track 2: Non-traditional Feedstocks Presentations

Track 3: Advances and Breakthroughs in Biofuels Presentations

Track 4: Bioenergy Economic and Policy Issues Presentations

The 2009 Bio eConference—“Growing the Bioeconomy: Solutions for Sustainability”—is a 12-state alliance of simultaneous state conferences. These co-host sites will be sharing content through high-speed communication systems to promote agriculturally-based sustainable solutions to global climate change and energy supply. The conference will tackle the sustainability challenge by:

  • Exploring a systems perspective on biorenewables.
  • Offering solutions to current questions regarding grain ethanol.
  • Examining the potential role of biochar as an agent for carbon sequestration.
  • Discussing the implementation of new ideas for land stewardship with biofuels agriculture.

Keynote address: James E. Lovelock, Ph.D.

One of the world’s most renowned thinkers on global environmental science, Dr. Lovelock has called upon farmers to convert agricultural residues to biochar for incorporation into the soil as the only solution to global climate change.